My hands on Intel Ivy-Bridge Ultrabook

First of all thanks to Intel for serving me this awesome device. Its not available in market and Intel has no plans to launch this device. Its a inspirational device to inspire other hardware manufacturers to make their own. Its the “No-one-in-my-street-will-have-this-one” type of ultrabook. With lots of features and innovation still it lags at some point. Just read out further.

The first thing which came over my mind when i first saw this: “Is it really a laptop ?”. Trust me its the way lighter and thinner than your study books. This is the ONLY plus point of this device which i loved a lot.

Second : “Its a Tablet too”. Yes, you can use it as a tablet. Although touch is not responsive as i expected to be.

Third: “SuperSpeed”. With the latest 3rd generation i7 dual core processor it just feels the world’s supercomputer. And you wont believe “THIS FREAKING SHIT HAS TWO PHYSICAL PROCESSORS”. Which feels like having quad core which clocks over 2.50Ghz with 128KB L1, 512KB L2 and 4MB L3 cache.

Some other tiny little features :

  • Sensors (Geo-location, Orientation, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, inclinometer, and Light sensors)
  • NFC
  • USB 3.0 (transfer speed upto 250 MB/s)
  • 3.75G Sim Card slot (Which doesn’t works as the drivers are still not available. Hope to get in near future)
  • Cool metal and rubberized body frame which just feels better than Macbooks.
  • Ultraboos is as thin as your USB pendrive’s port.
And here comes some sad points of this devices.

First : Just 180GB HDD. But the best part is its SSD which has transfer speed upto 710 MB/s

Second : just 4 GB RAM. Its DDR3. and com’on the world is moving faster and this supercomputer is just having 4. I expected atleast 16GB.

And the saddest part of it – “NO RJ45 PORT”. Have to use wifi or data card for internet connection.

Intel’s theory behind not providing RJ45 port is the size of the port is way larger than the Ultrabook’s thickness. That’s why they removed the RJ45 port and optical drive, indeed they provided mini HDMI port.

The innovation doesn’t ends here, Intel is working on its successor device and it will be available soon in future market. Soon i will be getting hands on that too.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned.