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I would like to introduce a new platform solely developed by me for my personal use and now i am making it public so everyone can use of it.

I wanted an mobile optimized realtime tracker of coins profile. CoinLogs was born with the investment of time around 10 hours, 8 cup of coffee and 2$ for domain registration. is hosted on Cloud VPS sponsored by Windows Azure.


Some features of CoinLogs. (Trust me, these are very little and i am planning to enhance it more)

  • Lovely Mobile optimized layout (Powered by bootstrap)
  • Real Time – No need to Refresh your browser.
  • Get rates with every 4 Seconds API call – ( With the power of Windows Azure, CoinLogs API fetches rates from various exchanges very quickly )
  • Live/Offline ticker – (offline message displays if you are disconnected from the internet, Or coinlogs API is dead)
  • Show a bitcoin/litecoin ticker logo on your website with realtime exchange rates.
  • BTC rates provided by mtgox and LTC profile provided by BTC-e.

Task currently i am working on

  • Inhouse API – Work has been done but still didn’t made it for public. Users can fetch latest rates quickly. (No restrictions, everyone can make API requests every seconds)
  • More ALT coin options (I would require your sudgessions on which coins profile you want.)
  • Multi-lingual and multi currencies conversion support. (expected this week)
  • Custom tickers – You will be having option to upload your own image and exchange rates will be displayed on it.

…… etc and others hell lot of features.

For this platform i have preferred Windows Azure Virtual Server with NGINX stack. For the better availability and reach, I am setting up 3 other instances will be located at East Asia, South Asia and North US. And of-course, Azure CDN is there but I would rather prefer MAXCDN.

Anyways, i am open for any suggestions and requests. i would request everyone in this community to take the initiative to review my service and provide me your comments.

And yes, don’t forget to visit CoinLogs through Mobile Device.

Keep Coining. 😉

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