I would like to introduce my first game for Samsung Gear. This app is developed for the participation in Samsung Gear App challenge.

Swoop is a very addictive game which may keep you engaged with your Gear. The one and only objective in this game is to get the full rainbow bar. It seems easy to hear but its damn tough to achieve this.

Swoop is inspired by the very popular iOS and Android game, 2048. Where there is a game of numbers. But this is the game of colors. Make sure you are not color blind.

## How to Play :

1) Swipe left or right to move the boxes.
2) Overlap 2 Same color box to form a new color.
3) On every move, you will get one box evolved with gray color.
4) Combine same color box and generate new colors.
5) Generate all 7 colors to win the game.

You can see your progress in top of the app. Whenever you form a new color, it will be added in the progress bar.

Swoop will be available in marketplace very soon.

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